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    Kristin Drake Stemmer said:

    Mar. 12, 2016

    The staff at Peter James are top-notch. They are friendly and knowledgeable, and don’t push products on you. That isn’t to say they won’t help you find just the right creme or styling wax, but they won’t say “You must!” like so many places.

    Anka Clark said:

    Feb. 1, 2016

    I went to A Peter James Salon for the first time over a year ago and was super pleased by how friendly and awesome the whole staff was. My first appointment was with Trisa Colon and I have gone back to her ever since. I have very curly hair and she was the first stylist to really understand what to do with it. Trisa has not only been a great stylist for me every time I come in but also has become a great friend! I have nothing but good things to say about her.

    Ann said:

    Jan. 29, 2016

    Went to Peter today for a cut & color all I can say is WOW what a great job I love it. Thanks Peter

    Taylor Koncelik said:

    Jan. 28, 2014

    I went to A Peter James Salon for the first time just a few days ago, and I could not be happier with how my hair turned out! I went from blonde to brown and got some layers in it. I’ve gotten so many compliments already from friends and family. I’m so in love with my hair! The salon is an amazing environment, and I can’t wait to go back and get my hair done again by Dorothy! She was absolutely incredible and showed her passion for hair! I’m so glad I found this place, and I would easily recommend it to anyone!

    Stephanie Mitchell said:

    Aug. 21, 2013

    The keratin treatment at the Peter James Salon lasted mush longer than anticipated due to using the right products after the straightening appointment. Thank you for educating me on how to keep great hair! The compliments kept coming!

    Tricia Hurtt said:

    Aug. 5, 2013

    This Salon is one of the best kept secrets in Ann Arbor. So glad I was told about it! I get a ton of compliments on my hair. I have now recommended the salon to other friends and my husband is going there too! Very cool decor and great people! Hope this will be the last time I change hair dressers!

    Susanne Klarr said:

    Sep. 21, 2012

    Getting your hair cut with Peter is like getting a New York City cut, he is cutting edge in his styling and the way he cuts hair. I have been going to Peter for over 11 years and I have never, ever had a bad haircut. I have recommended him to friends and family and they too have become loyal customers. I drive 30 miles each way to see him and would never consider going anywhere else!

    Lauren said:

    Feb. 15, 2011

    I am always nervous to get my hair cut or colored. I have also been disappointed every time I go to a new salon. I was looking to get my hair colored and wanted to go to a new salon. I did some research and was impressed with all the positive reviews of A Peter James Salon. After going to their website, I was equally impressed with the talent and experience Peter and Gary have. I called to make an appointment and Dawn, the receptionist, was incredibley professional. I got an appointment for a couple weeks later; waiting was the worst part! When I got there, i’ll admit I was a little put off by it being in a strip mall but it’s very nice inside.

    Since I was getting my hair colored I saw Gary. He was very attentive and listened to what I wanted. I wanted to go red but at the time, I didn’t want it to be too bold. So, when I left I had a beautiful red tint and my hair felt great. I’m ready to go bold red and I am going to be making my appointment with Gary very soon. I have dark brown hair but I am confident in Gary’s abilities to create the color I am after. I would recommend anyone to this salon. I live about half an hour away but I’ll gladly make the trip.

    Kendra said:

    Feb. 8, 2011

    I feel like my grays disappear instantly when Gary colors my hair. Nothing too drastic because my husband hardly notices. For me the effect lasts a long time. I went somewhere else once – never again!!

    Sue said:

    Sep. 29, 2010

    I was referred to Peter by a co worker 2 years ago and have been a regular ever since. I thought my previous haircuts were pretty good but once Peter started cutting my hair I realized there was a dramatic difference! The hair just falls so much better and even grows out looking great! Every time I see him we do something a little different to keep me from getting bored. I see Gary every 4 weeks for my color. He does a fantastic job keeping my hair from looking too washed out and colorless in the summer, adding wonderful highlights and lowlights in the winter. I highly recommended this team to everyone…you won’t be disappointed.

    Erin said:

    Sep. 22, 2010

    I wouldn’t go anywhere else to have my cut and color done! I have previously worked in the salon industry for over 10 years and have had my cut and color done by some amazing artist from all over the country. I am very picky about who does my hair. Peter has given me the best haircut I’ve had in years. He is fanatical about keeping up with what is new and fresh and constantly educating himself and everyone else in the salon. Gary is simply a magician with color. It always looks amazing. I like to try different things and have fun with my color and I have never been disappointed! I am so impressed with his knowledge. I can tell you from my experience in the industry that some stylists “get” color and some do not. Gary was born to do color. If you have curly hair you have to try the Keratin Smoothing Treatment. The salon is very professional and has a very cool, relaxing vibe to it.

    Kendra said:

    Sep. 13, 2010

    Gary has been highlighting my blondish (now graying) hair for a couple of years. What I love is that when I walk out it looks so natural with hi and low lights that friends and family hardly ever notice I’ve had my hair done…It just looks a little brighter.

    Heidi said:

    Aug. 11, 2010

    I have been searching for someone to rescue my boring hair cut and highlight for quite some time. I was super excited to find Peter and Gary who are the best kept secret in Ann Arbor. It is really nice to have finally found a salon that makes me feel like my hair is actually looking good!

    Lori said:

    Aug. 4, 2010

    This is the best “hair” summer I have ever had. I have thick, unruly, super-curly hair that is easily damaged and have been fighting with it my entire life–until this past spring. I had the full Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment in April and my hair is so much easier to control. When I wear it curly, it is really shiny and the curls form into nice ringlets. When I wear it straight, it stays that way until the next shampoo–even with the hot, humid summer we have had (can stand up to a few sprinkles without frizzing, too). Thank you, Gary and Peter, for helping me look and feel my best!!

    Laura said:

    Jul. 19, 2010

    Recently had Gary do a Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment on my hair that lasts 4 weeks! My hair tends to get frizzy and big with the humidity in the summer! Wow, what a difference this made with my hair. It takes about half the time to blow dry my hair now! My hair feels silky smooth , conditioned and very shiny now. I highly recommend this treatment, if you have curly, textured, or frizzy hair. It cost only $50 dollars, well worth it ! Thanks Gary. Plan to do it every 4 weeks in the summer.

    Leslie said:

    Jul. 14, 2010

    I had the keratin treatment a peter’s salon recently. It’s so worth doing. I have always had trouble blowing out my hairstyle out as smooth as they do. I can get that finish now plus a super softness to my hair. It takes less time to blowout now too.I can even get that soft flowing curl. It’s amazing that all keep saying to everyone.

    Roxanne said:

    Jul. 13, 2010

    Love Peter and the gang! I have very THICK hair and Peter works miracles with it! Price is very competitive and well worth my drive 45 miles!

    Beth said:

    Jul. 7, 2010

    Peter and Gary at A Peter James Salon are amazing! They know just what you need to look your best. Peters’ skills with scissors are unmatched! I get bored easily with my hair style and color and they both always rise to the challenge of giving me something new and exciting. Give them a try, I promise you’ll never go back to your former stylist.

    Marilyn said:

    Jun. 21, 2010

    I love Peter’s haircut so much that I purposefully travel from Texas just to have it done! In fact, I’ll probably wait to have it cut this fall until I can come back for a visit. Peter is so talented and gives me the haircut I want every time. He listens to me and sees my vision perfectly! Sincerely the best haircut I’ve had in years! That’s why he’s worth a 1500+ mile trip!

    Krista said:

    Apr. 7, 2010

    I have been seeing Peter at A Peter James Salon for the last 5 years! He does an awesome job on my very curly hair…what I like is that he cuts it dry first then washes and cuts some dry….He does a phenomenal job on curly hair. Recently I decided to color my hair(getting some gray hair). Gary did an all over color, but used shades, which did not make my hair look overall a different darker shade…and it gave my hair so much shine. Loved it! Might try some highlights next time…Peter says he does a brilliant job with highlighting!!

    Jordan said:

    Mar. 25, 2010

    I just started coming to A Peter James Salon, and Peter did an awesome job on my haircut. The salon is very unique inside, atmosphere is very upbeat and different. You feel like you walked in to a top salon in New York or something. Will definitely recommend to a my friends at the U of M Business School.

    Chessi said:

    Dec. 23, 2009

    I have super thick hair and have been “searching” for years for the right person that could thin it out without it looking RAZORED TO DEATH! Peter came highly recommended. I tried him out and I have been sooooo pleased! The staff is very friendly as well!

    Connie said:

    Sep. 23, 2009

    Peter does a fantastic job. I have naturally curly hair, which is hard to find someone to cut. Peter understands how to cut curly hair. I highly recommend him.

    Rita said:

    Aug. 11, 2009

    Peter and his staff do a fantastic job! They are always ready when I walk in the door, no overbooking. I do not feel rushed and best of all my cut is always precise and grows out well. I highly recommend this salon.

    Marian said:

    Jun. 17, 2009

    Well, I won a visit to Peter’s Salon at an auction. I figured I would go once since it was so far from my house (45 minutes). I am still there 3 years later.

    Once you get used to Peter’s dry humor, you figure out he really knows what he is doing…. and he listens to what you want…. and explains why it is or isn’t possible….. and actually does what you want….. (like in my case staying AWAY from big hair which is already a problem for me and no one else ever listened.)…. and he is actually a skilled professional who knows what he is doing….. sigh…. so I guess I am going to make the drive…. It is definitely worth it!!!

    And, Gary, wow, what a gem he is, too. Totally gets my nervousness about doing BIG hair color changes and moves at a pace that pushes my limits, while still not freaking me out!!! And he is GOOD!!

    And dear Dawn….. how knowedgeable you are about customers and helping them feel comfortable and cared for….. as the first person we talk to, that is no small thing!! And Happy Birthday yesterday, right??

    Debbie said:

    Mar. 4, 2009

    Peter has been cutting my hair for 9 years and I would not go to anyone else. He is great. He uses different styles and is very creative. An hour with Peter is fun, therapeutic, and time I look forward to.

    Debbie said:

    Mar. 4, 2009

    Peter has been cutting my hair for a couple of years, with GREAT results. He encouraged me to try Anna which I did for my last haircut, and I’m getting even MORE compliments on my hair. Try this great salon!

    Marcy said:

    Feb. 16, 2009

    WOW!I knew Peter when he was just starting and he always had hip and savvy styles. I am SO glad he has opened his own salon so other people could experience the talent firsthand. He is filled with charisma, love and kindness and has a keen sense for the way a salon needs to be alive with energy and have a good vibe.
    I am SO excited and can’t wait for march to come because I am booking my appointment today:)
    Thanks Peter!So proud of you!

    Rita said:

    Jan. 1, 2009

    Peter’s talent is incredible. He continues to work with my hair so my cut evolves to something a bit different each time and I just love it!

    If you are looking for a salon where you can feel confident that you will leave with an exception cut, you have just found it.

    Trisha said:

    Nov. 17, 2008

    The atmosphere at this salon is wonderful and inviting; it doesn’t feel like pure “business” like many other salons. I have tried out various salons/hairstylists and have decided to stick with this salon because of the personal touch and the way each person is dedicated to a specific area- for example Peter only cuts hair and Rhoni only deals with the coloring- I think that shows dedication to quality! I have been nothing but pleased with every time I have gone there and would definitely recommend it to others.

    Stacy said:

    Oct. 21, 2008

    Personal touches makes this an even better salon than just getting your hair done. If Dawn doesn’t call to remind you of your appointment, then Peter takes the time to personally call you. What a wonderful personal touch that is! Makes me know they really care about their clients and you’re not just another appointment.

    Josie said:

    Oct. 6, 2008

    Coffee brought Peter and I together and his talent and sage business advice will forever keep us connected.

    The staff, the studio and the whole vibe is great!

    Thanks Peter – for everything!

    Marilyn G. said:

    Oct. 5, 2008

    Peter is the best hairstylist I have ever used. My hair is very thick and coarse. Peter is the only one who can style my hair without cutting short or overusing the thinning shears. Anna has also done my hair, and since she was trained by Peter , the result was great. The staff here aims to please.

    Chris said:

    Sep. 23, 2008

    All the staff at Peter James Salon have exceeded my expectations of what constitutes a great salon. Try them….you’ll be pleased, too!

    Stacy said:

    Sep. 16, 2008

    Finally! A salon that is comparable to the one I’m accustomed to in Atlanta! Peter gave me the most incredible cut/style and Ronnie is excellent in highlighting. She picks the greatest shades that not only suit you, but goes with the season as well. I highly recommend them!

    Marilyn said:

    Aug. 18, 2008

    What a find!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find a salon that could color my hairpiece and my own hair so the effect is seamless. Between the cut and the color done here, you can’t miss!!

    Dennis said:

    Aug. 13, 2008

    Peter was my facilitator for the Redken Specialist Connection Certification, where he shared his wealth of knowlege, passion for the industry, impecible craft, and inspired us with his contagouosly possitive energy. I have no doubt that he offers his clients the same patience, compassion, and commitment to exelence as he has extended to us. Weather you are searching for a new stylist, or looking to further your career though continued education, rest assured, Peter Bokanoski is a world class artist who has both left his mark on our industry, and my personal career.

    Stacy said:

    Aug. 4, 2008

    This salon is great- Peter and Rhoni are friendly, fun to talk to, and very professional. I’ve never felt “rushed out of the seat” here, which seems to be all to common at other salons. Peter and Rhoni both take their time to really understand and deliver the look you are going for. You can’t go wrong here!!!

    Melanie said:

    Jul. 8, 2008

    After salon hopping for years, I have finally found a home at A Peter James Salon. The entire staff is talented, professional, and friendly. I have always left happy with both my haircut and color. I would recommend this salon to all!

    Mickey said:

    Jun. 25, 2008

    Peter has been cutting my hair for at least 5 years. I am now over 70, and he is a magician, camouflaging the places where there is less than before. I’ve trusted him with different styles and he never disapoints. Ronnie is an artist with color. If what I’ve said appeals, check them out. The salon is a slice of NYC in the midst of the midwest, and as a former New Yorker, I love going there.

    Judy said:

    Jun. 12, 2008

    I get compliments all the time on my hair style: Peter is a genius! My hair color is great…it looks totally natural but better than nature gave me, all due to Rhoni.

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